Monday, November 23, 2009

Sean Sean's Flash Games

Sean Sean has been playing alot of computer games the past few months.

Daddy has compiled a list of my favourite games in a blog

Sean's Flash Games

Daddy' has even put a sticky link on the right for me ---->

How many can you finish?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sean Sean's 2008 in Pictures

Hi Bloggy,

I haven't been updating you for a year! So this is my year in pictures, made by my mummy.









Monday, January 28, 2008

HELLO Bloggy!!!!

Yo Wassup my new bloggy. I abandoned my friendster bloggy because the arrangement of photos is so screwey and the lousy photo limitations there. My old bloggy can still be found at:

Mummy and Daddy hasn't really been taking many good photos of me, because of two simple reasons.

1) I move around so fast now, ever since I started walking at 11 months

2) The new photographer is very possessive with the camera

Ok ok... that was just me playing around. I know how to use a camera properly

I actually have grown a great love for photography. Here is me chasing after mummy like a paparazi

Watch out Britney, Paris and Lindsay, here I come

I have grown alot since my last post in my old bloggy. I am doing many many grown up things now:

For starters, I use real mobile phones now, not toy ones

I also sit on adult chairs now whenever possible.

I like to feed myself,

and my shirt and pants eat with me too

I brush my own teeth

I love going out!!

This is my going out sign. It means that Sean Sean wants to "uonk" (go out)

Exploring new shopping centres with bookshops and toyshops is best

I like going to bookshops to browse and buy books. I can say "book" now. I really love books.

So much so, I follow mummy and auntie Soo to the public library once a fortnight.

I also love to buy toys.

I really love brooo toys (I used to call them boo boo boo, but am a big boy now, so I call them brooo) , but I also like other types of toys.

I am now officially the gatekeeper of the house. I monitor who goes in and out

If there are any unfriendly parties, I'll say "You Shall Not Pass!!!"

I used to like sitting in my rickshaw, but now I prefer to pull (or push) my own weight around the house. I love everything with wheels that reminds me of broo

In fact, I practice everyday to take my broo license

For Christmas, I learnt new skills. I got drums from Ah Kong and Ah Ma

And mummy and daddy got me a brain building toy

Anyway, time for me to go bobo

Sean Sean (completely) out!